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What is the website about?

πŸ‘‹ First off all, welcome to my website! is your one-stop shop for snagging the best bargains on! This website curates hourly price drops and deals across a wide range of categories, with a focus on electronics and computer goodies. Forget spending hours combing through Amazon yourself – does the legwork for you, saving you precious time and money.

So ditch the crowded shopping centres and browse the best deals online, all without the need to create an account – it's window shopping for the digital age!

What categories and products can be found on

Aussie Amazon Deals covers a wide range of electronic products, including those for computing needs like laptops, monitors, and desktops. They also offer deals on external data storage solutions and portable power banks for keeping your devices powered. Looking for entertainment upgrades? The website tracks deals on TVs, tablets, and even home audio equipment.

This website looks a lot like

It does! It's made by the same person (me!) and is using the same underlying engineering to get and show the prices. If you want to contact me about or you can use